Award Design

Award Design and Catalog Layout

When I worked for Gold Crest Ltd., a division of Instant Image, I designed awards and laid out the assembly drawings and the company catalog also for the award and recognition, and other gift, promotional and souvenir products aimed at the Professional Real Estate and Corporate Golf markets. Our Awards were photo etched using an engraving lathe, which makes a one of a kind cut, no other machine can match this machine for its reflectivity and textured cut. The Identification badges were rotary engraved and the engraving oxidized black, on silk screened badge blanks. The other company product which they were known for was the Bullion Blazer Crest which are a club identifier or logo hand embroidered overseas. Some of the awards were of clear acrylic and were all done on a Universal CO² laser.

All these products required line and or color art as welland sometimes a whole new style had to be designed for special functions or new customers, that's when my job got fun. I also did art for silk screening, embroidery (both hand and machine) dye sublimation, jewelry, cloisonne, as well as all the lathe engraver art, hot stamp and printing.

The catalog design and presentation were under my direct supervision. as was the company web site. The old web site address was, its now defunct but can still be seen on the "Way Back Machine" archival site.

Just as we rounded the Millennium in 2000, Gold Crest Ltd. went out of business, but I and others managed to procure the rights to the company name and reopen under the name of Gold Crest Engraving in 2001. That company is still in business and still produces many of the product line that Gold Crest Ltd. started, although I am no longer with them.


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