Silk Screen, Hot Stamp and Dye Sublimation

Silk Screening

Silk screen printing is ideal for surfaces that require some degree of permanance either through constant handling or the effects of weather and can be applied to ceramics such as cups or plates, plastic bottles, mouse pads (although these are usually dye sublimated), tile, glass, leather metal and painted items as well.

My largest pattern was for a "T" shirt for the Hummer Club of America, 5 colors including black, took up an area approx. 8 inches square upon the chest of the shirt, plus the club name on the right shoulder.

The money clip is a Hot Stamp and is somewhat costly due to having to make an imprinting die. But leather goods and vinyl note book covers where a large run are to be produced, its well worth the price of the die.

The Kaiser Marquardt mouse pad is really a dye subilmation, and can also be applied to ceramics, leather and certain formulations of plastic and tile. Its a great way to add full color graphics to products without the expense of silk screen or hot stamp imprinting.

Magnetic Money Clip Kaiser Marquardt Mug
Kaiser Maquardt Mouse Pad Kopf Water Bottle

Martin Vowell
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