Cover Design

Covers for HMR Magazine

Stationary truck with passenger.
Blurred wheels, tire tread and ground around truck to give the impression of movement.
Repositioned passenger on drives side of truck.

Cover 2
Truck picture was a studio shot, re-valued the saturation and imposed a shadow line on side. Retouched all lights like they were lit. Road is a desert scape shot that I had. The sky was also a personal stock shot. I married the sky and landscape shots then added the truck, feathered the outlines around the truck and dodged in the pattern to look like mirroring of landscape.

I actually made this shot with three different skylines, one a clear blue sky, one a totally red sky and one a night shot, with full moon, this one with the mottled skyline was considered the most dynamic.

Cover 3
This cover photo was shot on a public beach in Malibu, California
early in the morning, the guard shack, parking lot, street signs and the house that's on top of the mountain were all removed with Photoshop.



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Martin Vowell
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